Our Sites

Our field sites have lovely views of the mountains and stars, while our wooded sites provide some shade and many have access to our little brook, great for getting your feet wet on warm summer days.

Our home is just across the road from the campsites, and we are often off looking after our bevy of goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, and one dog that looks a bit like a polar bear. Because we are half a small family farm, please excuse our appearance should you ever meet us coming back from the barn or woods.

While we close during the winter, we still enjoy a romp around in the snow.

Not pictured here: the main proprietor of our campground, Martha. She is camera shy, and yet she doesn't understand why her daughters are. But she will always greet you warmly, and wants to do her best to make your journey and stay here a wonderful experience. She's basically the best.*

*She's the mother of the web designer, so I'm allowed to say this.

Watercolor Mountains